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Smart Wellness

We understand employee health trend management, wellness and the positive impact it can have on your bottom line.

Providing population health and employee health trend management solutions is a proven strategy to help reduce healthcare costs.

We work strictly with programs focused on best practice, integrate metrics and data measurements to track the program’s process and validate the strategy to the C-Suite.

In 2012, PWA established the Healthy Workforce Alliance™ in conjunction with Savvy Health Solutions and a few other local providers. The Healthy Workforce Alliance™ seek to bring better and innovative ways to control healthcare costs and provide employers in the Greater Sacramento region to education and the opportunity to work with like-minded businesses.

Health and Wellness

Wellness services include:


Population Health Management services include alliances with leading national firms like Verisk Health for claim and health data analytics as well as other leading providers to support your employee health engagement plan. Specific, core services are included for clients and a higher level or more extensive services are available via discounted retainer arrangements.

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