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Covered California

PWA Helps Both the Small Group and the Individual
Navigate Covered California


Covered CaliforniaCertified with Covered California, PWA is able to offer assistance to both Small Groups as well as Individuals & Families with all their healthcare insurance needs. Working with a certified agent does not cost more than purchasing a policy directly from Covered California, but gives our clients the added benefit of our knowledge which helps them choose the best plan and navigate the complex world known as health insurance. Contact a PWA team member today!


 Health Plan Resources:

If you reside in within either Placer, Sacramento, Yolo or El Dorado county, then you are in Region 3. Insurance companies providing coverage to this area are:

View a breakdown of regions and learn more about the insurance companies and Covered California, click HERE.

Additional PDF Resources provided by Covered California:

Resources to Help You Understand & Manage Your Health Care: